1. Still working on super uplifting book. #ayearwithoutmom #aywm #groundwood

  2. #selfhood

  3. Grandparents and their buddies. #ayearwithoutmom #aywm #wip

  4. Getting ready for October. #evilraccoon

  5. Meet Evil Raccoon everyone. Don’t trust his seemingly mild demeanor. #evilraccoon

  6. #doodles

  7. Well, THIS made me super happy this morning! Little Foxie fan! Thanks @studiocastillo

  8. What I ACTUALLY did today. Photo by @annaraff CC: @kirhall @bookfromthejacket

  9. Also, am obvsl having a GREAT hair day.


  10. Read this lovely PW profile of Enchanted Lion Books! A long time friend and now publisher of The Jacket! 

  11. #importantstudionews

  12. Recent interactions w fellow humans have solidified my knowledge that THESE are my real parents.

  13. Someone I met waiting for Ceci this morning. #dogsofgreenpoint

  14. Fish Eyes.

  15. Thanks SO MUCH http://100scopenotes.com/ for this lovely review of The Jacket!